Christmas Ornaments, Boxed Cards, Magnets

We are excited to add a few new products with Sharon and Bob’s beautiful artwork on them!  This is an on-going endeaver, please be sure to check in often!   
Please check out Tile Category to find out about the awesome rosewood hinged boxes and framed tiles we are now offering!
The magnets are all produced locally with only made in the USA components.  The fabulous folks at Designs Ink have been awesome to work with and are keeping the integrity of Sharon’s art in this new medium.  As always, each of the magnets are also available in print form and the watercolors in notecards also!
We are offering new Christmas/Gift Card Boxes of 8 with envelopes for the following eight paintings! St. Lucia S-87, Fjord Pony loaded with gifts T-6, Tomtar Yule Fest T-28, 5 Caroling Tomtar T-29, Tomtar with gifts on Fjord Pony T-27, Sami Boy with antlers Sa-12, Fjord with Sleigh with Tomtar Fj-16 and Sami and Nisse with Sled Sa-45.    These were offered Winter 2009 and we will keep them available for our customers and will be adding additions each year!

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