About Sharon Aamodt, Artist

Born November 5th, 1933 and passed away October 6, 2014 after a valiant fight against cancer.  Our beautiful matriarch is certainly pleased that we are sharing her work and passion, and continuing what she had started

Attended Art Academy, Denver Co
Bachelor of Science Woodbury University, Los Angeles, California
Post Graduate Work, Art Center College, Los Angeles, California

Sharon Aamodt had been compelled to draw and create art her entire life.  Growing up as a child in Minneapolis Minnesota, she first remembered drawing with pencils on any paper she could find, bringing life to horses, cowboys and Indians.

Much of Sharon’s artwork has been influenced by her grandparents, immigrants from Norway and Sweden – depicting some aspect of life in Scandinavia.  She enjoyed working in both water color and pastel – her landscapes and still life offer great beauty and serenity for the viewer.

She teamed up with her husband of 50 years, computer artist, Bob Dexter to provide wonderful history of the Scandinavian culture.   The prints are all on acid free paper and all of our art products are produced with pigment colors – not dyes.  You will notice the beautiful  water colors, photographs and complimentary textiles as backgrounds.  These heirloom quality items may be given as gifts, framed, sent to children and grandchildren to spark their imaginations and interest in a wonderful way.

Sharon shared her heart and life with her wonderful husband Bob Currently living in Western Washington State (to be near their grandchildren), on a five acre farm.  Sharon has shared her heart and life with her wonderful husband Bob and many terrific animals over the years, including a Norwegian elkhound, a Fjord pony, a Corgi and a gentleman dog of mixed pedigree and a homeless horse named Bella.

Their daughter-in-law Niki is the site manager, as well as marketing and sales and general leak fixer.   If you have any suggestions or questions please contact her at Customer Service 253 753 3316.

Nordic Folklore is a proud member of

Embla Daughters of Norway Tacoma, WA

Hovedstad Lodge #2-094 Sons of Norway Olympia, WA