Artist Bob Dexter

Brief Biography of Robert E. Dexter

Date of Birth 01/22/1930 in Centerville, Kansas
B.S. Woodbury University, Los Angeles
Post Grad work, Art Center College, Los Angeles

Bob is a true pioneer of computer modern art. The effects he desired to create began a lifetime ago using fat inks (lots of oil), and harsh chemicals. These early techniques actually destroyed the floor in his home studio in Simi Valley California and caused him some health issues (damage to lungs). He was just about to call it a day, when computers first came along. He realized he could create on the computer without health risks.

Bob worked as a graphic artist for Litton for 32 years. One word to describe the work he did there, technical. At his 1200 square foot home, he had a small studio where he worked on his passion, raised five children with the love of his life, Sharon Aamodt Dexter (The other half of the Nordic Folklore Art Studio) and enjoyed every animal that made it into their yard.  Their menagerie at various times included raising wasps, sparrows, blue jays, dogs, cats and neighborhood children who needed sanctuary.

His free flowing art expresses his feelings about things. Robert has to paint to express himself. Many of these paintings reflect happy times, some dark, whatever he happened to be feeling at the time. Bob often reflects on the one of his first paintings he ever did, “Good or Bad, It’s my Dance” and that is his view of his own art work. He has never painted “to sell” his work, although he has sold a few over the years, receiving ribbons and awards. Bob isn’t a big fan of biographies, claiming they are often filled with hyperbole. Bob has been supporting his wife’s work, handling the printing end of her paintings in their home studio in Roy Washington where they moved to be nearer their grandchildren. His daughter-in-law has decided it is time to share his talent. Promoting his beautiful work is a joy and privilege.

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